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Alexander Klibanov

Alexander Klibanov

Alexander Klibanov , PhD
Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering,
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA



Dr. Alexander Klibanov teaches in the Department of Chemistry and Bio Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His current research focuses on the medicinal chemistry, new antimicrobial materials; enzyme chemistry; biotechnology; and pharmaceutical formulations. Dr. Alexander Klibanov has authored over 310 scientific papers and 21 issued U.S. patents , has given over 370 invited lectures and is a member of 12 journal editorial boards..

Research Interest

Dr. Alexander Klibanov's research interests include:

  •  Enzyme chemistry and biotechnology
  •  Antimicrobial polymers
  •  Stabilization and formulation of macromolecular pharmaceuticals
  •  Medicinal and formulation chemistry
  •  Protein drug delivery
  •  Enzymes as stereoselective catalysts in organic syntheses
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