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Damir Kalpic

Damir Kalpic

Damir Kalpic, PhD
Department of Applied Computing
University of Zagreb, Croatia



Damir Kalpic has been working at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Applied Mathematics since 1971, first as a teaching assistant and now as full professor. He is teaching "Algorithms and Data Structures", "Information Systems", "Databases" and "Operations Research" in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Damir Kalpic has been the mentor for about 200 graduation theses, and 16 M.S. theses and 7 doctorates.He has written more than 150 texts and R&D papers, published locally and abroad. The majority of them reflect practical implementations. Damir Kalpic is the senior member of the R&D team from the Chair of Computer Science. Together with his colleagues, he has completed more than 10 complex projects accepted in practice by industry and administration. They cover information systems development, operational research applications and databases. He was the principal researcher on the project "Computer Aided Organization and Decision Making" sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology.From 1990 to 1992, Damir Kalpic was the deputy dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Damir Kalpic was editor of the CIT Journal. Damir Kalpic has been a member of the CIT editorial board and member of a number of international program committees. From 1994 to 2001, Damir Kalpic was the chairman of the International Program Committee of the Conference "Information Technology Interfaces (ITI). In 2000, he was appointed IRMA World Representative for Croatia. He is a member of the Croatian and the British Operational Research Societies, Croatian Academy of Technical Sciences, IEEE and ACM. From October 2000 to September 2002, Damir Kalpic served as vice dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in charge of scientific activities and international projects. He can communicate in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese, listed in descending order of fluency.

Research Interest

Damir Kalpic research interests mainly focuses on Software Engineering,Applied Mathematics,Mathematics,Information Systems (Business Informatics),Simulation and Modeling,Production Engineering,Production Planning,Information Systems.

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