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Howard A. Tennen

Howard A. Tennen

Howard A. Tennen, PhD
Community Medicine and Health Care
University of Connecticut Health Center, USA



Dr. Tennen received his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts and completed an internship in clinical psychology at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. He was on the psychology faculty at the State University of New York at Albany from 1975-1978, and he has been a member of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine faculty in Community Medicine and Psychiatry since 1978. Dr. Tennen chairs the School of Medicine's Senior Appointments and Promotions Committee (SAPC). He is the current editor of the Journal of Personality.

Research Interest

Dr. Tennen works in the area of stress, coping and adaptation. Dr. Tennen examines factors that promote psychological and physical health among individuals who face health-related adversity and other threatening circumstances. With Dr. Affleck he has studied people's psychological responses to medical problems—including chronic pain disorders, asthma, heart attack and impaired fertility—and how these responses affect subsequent health and wellbeing. Dr. Tennen also investigates stress-related behavior as it unfolds in everyday life, with a focus on individual differences in the temporal patterning of stressful experiences, coping efforts, and symptoms. Dr. Tennen has applied daily process methods to psychological and pharmacological treatment trials, and to the study of gene-environment interactions.

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