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Vasilakaki Evgenia

Vasilakaki Evgenia

Vasilakaki Evgenia, PhD
Department of Library Science & Information Systems
Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece




Vasilakaki Evgenia completed her Ph.D from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Faculty of Humanities, Law & Social Sciences, Department of Information &Communications, The Information Research Institute (TIRI), Manchester, UK and MSc with honors in Information Science, “Managing and Organizing Libraries with an emphasis in the New Information Technologies”, Ionian University - Technological Educational Institution, Athens, Greece and BSc with honours in Archive and Library Sciences, Ionian University, Corfu Greece.

Research Interest

Vasilakaki Evgenia research interests are in Human Computer Interaction, Semantic Web, Information Communication Technology, Behavioral Sciences, Ontology (Computer Science)and Multilingualism.

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