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Yashdeep Phanse

Yashdeep Phanse

Yashdeep Phanse, PhD
Iowa State University, USA



Dr. Yashdeep Phanse is a postdoctoral research associate at Iowa State University, USA. His research work, doctoral as well as postdoctoral, is focused on developing and evaluating nanoparticle vaccines for human and animal diseases. Currently, he has nine published articles(in Nature Scientific Reports, ActaBiomaterialia and Molecular Pharmaceutics) and seven manuscripts ready for submission. He reviewed multiple journal papers. Dr. Yashdeep Phanse also has extensive experience in working with mouse models and nanoparticle/bacteria-immune cell interactions.

Research Interest

Dr. Yashdeep Phanse’s research expertise includes in vivo and in vitro nanoparticle biodistribution analysis, immunoassays (ELISA, Elispot, T cell proliferation), flow cytometry (surface marker analysis, germinal center staining), confocal microscopy, multispectral imaging flow cytometry, live in vivo imaging, and cell culture techniques.

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