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Andrology & Gynecology: Current Research Volume 4 Issue 3 A 6 Year Old with Characteristics Similar to Russell Silver andDowns Syndrome Identified as Klinefelter Proband Deepika MLN, P Srinivas Rao, Reddy DVS and Shrivastava A Lindane Induces Spermatotoxicity and inhibits Steroidogenesis in Adult Rats Hamdy AA Aly, Abdulrahman M Alahdal, Alaa Bagalagel, Ahmed M Mansour, Abdel-Moneim M Osman and Ibrahim A Shehata Endometrium Cancer Evidence of Cooperative Effect of P53 Codon 72 and ACP1 Genetic Polymorphisms on Cancer Grade Gloria-Bottini F, Nicotra M, Spina C, Benedetti-Panici PL, Neri A, Magrini A and Bottini E Vector Biology Journal Volume 1, Issue 3 Synergistic Potential of Dillapiole Combined With Pyrethroids against Mosquitoes Erika Oliveira Gomes, Sergio Massayoshi Nunomura, Osvaldo Marinotti and Wanderli Pedro Tadei Population Surveillance of Poecilia reticulata in Kolkata India Implications in Mosquito Regulation Barnali Manna, Samir Banerjee and Gautam Aditya Cytochrome Oxidase I as Tool to Evaluate the Lutzomyia longipalpis Complex Useful Molecular Marker or Not Moises Thiago de Souza Freitas, César Raimundo Lima Costa Jr, Lidiane Gomes da Silva, Tereza Cristina LealBalbino and Valdir de Queiroz Balbino Productivity of Culex tritaeniorhynchus in Rice Fields of West Bengal India Correlates of Immature and Adult Features Milita Roy, Soujita Pramanik, Soumendranath Chatterjee and Gautam Aditya Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering Special Issue 2 Data Analysis and Statistical Interpolation of Signals for Human Footstep Tracking Using Intelligent Carpet Tarun Kumar Agrawal, Sébastien Thomassey, Cédric Cochrane and Vladan Koncar Feather Fiber Could it be Recycled Raquel A Seawright, Laurence Schacher, Dominique C Adolphe and Gilberto FM Souza WeftKnitted Preforms Adapted for Crash and 3D Applications Matthias Haupt, Huangmei Lin, Chokri Cherif and Sybille Krzywinski Warp Knitted TextileBased Sensors for InSitu Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades Eric Haentzsche, Ralf Mueller, Georg Bardl, Andreas Nocke and Chokri Cherif Prediction of Fabric Bagging Occurred by an Artificial Arm Under Dynamic Conditions Vildan Sülar Influence of the Textile Parameters on the Complex Shape Forming Properties of Flax Based Fabrics Emilie Capelle, Pierre Ouagne, Davy Duriatti and Damien Soulat Photocatalytic Efficiency and Antifungal Effects of Cotton Treated with TiO2 Nanoparticles Iuliana Dumitrescu, Ovidiu George Iordache, Lucian Diamandescu and Marcela Popa Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment Volume 6, Issue 1 The Prevalence of Potentially Traumatic PreMigration Experiences A Population Based Study of Russian Somali and Kurdish Origin Migrants in Finland Anu E Castaneda, Liina Junna, Eero Lilja, Natalia Skogberg,Hannamaria Kuusio, Johanna Mäki-Opas, Päivikki Koponen and Jaana Suvisaari Expressive Therapy with Children Who were Sexually Abused An Overview Trivedi RR and Rejani TG Brain Structures in Pediatric Maltreatment Posttraumatic Stress Disorder An MRI Prospective Study with Children and Adolescents Exposed to Multiple Violence Ana Carolina Coelho Milani, Bernd Foerster, Hugo Cogo, Idaiane Batista de Assuncao-Leme, Marcelo Feijo Mello and Andrea Parolin Jackowski Prevalence rate of PTSDDepression and Anxiety symptoms among Saudi Firefighters Mohammed Alghamdi, Nigel Hunt and Shirley Thomas PostTrauma Recovery in Children of NewtownCT using MNRI Reflex Integration Svetlana Masgutova Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Emerging Drugs Volume 4, Issue 2 Quercetin Ameliorates Chronic Type 2 Diabetes Induced by LongTerm HighFat HighSucrose Diet via Modifying Expression of Genes Involved in Energy Homeostasis and Inflammation Almass A Abuzaid, Mohamed A Osman and Abdalla O Elkhawad Structure Based Docking of Small Hirudin like Peptides with Thrombin Aparna Jadhav, RadhaCharan Dash, Raj Hirwani and Mailk Abdin Formulation Characterization of Parathyroid Hormone PTH 134Coated on a Novel Transdermal Microprojection Delivery SystemWater Determination Mahmoud Ameri, Shelley C Fan and Yuh Fun Maa Synthesis Antiproliferative Activity of Nitrile Containing Pyranes and 125678Hexahydroquinoline3344Tetraarbonitriles Vladimir P Sheverdov, Maksim A Maryasov, Vera V Davydova, Oleg E Nasakin and Konstantin A Lyssenko Antibacterial Activity of Selected Essential oils against Streptococcus sobrinus and Porphyromonas gingivalis Xiaoyu Wang,Tohru Mitsunaga and Kosei Yamauch Journal of Plant Physiology & Pathology Volume 4, Issue 3 Effects of Calcium Fertilization on the Susceptibility of Dioscorea Species to the Yam Storage Pathogens Aspergillus Niger van Tiegh andBotryodiplodia Theobromae Pat Otusanya MO, Enikuomehin O, Popoola A, Adetunji M, Kehinde O, Okeleye K, Latunde-Dada O and Amusa O Elucidation of an Array of Nitrate Transporter Paralogs in Arabidopsis Thaliana Genome Panchsheela Nogia, Vandana Tomar, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu, Rajesh Mehrotra and Sandhya Mehrotra Effects of ChelateAssisted Chromium Cr6 on Growth and Chromium Bioaccumulation in Paragrass Brachiaria mutica ForsskStapf Priyanka Jena, Chinmay Pradhan and Hemanta Kumar Patra Physiological and Agromorphological Responses of Tossa Jute Corchorus olitorius L to Drought Stress Amira Racha Ben Yakoub, Mohamed Ali Benabderrahim and Ali Ferchichi Comparative Study of Salinity Effect on Some Tunisian Barley Cultivars at Germination and Early Seedling Growth Stages Najoua Abdi, Salma Wasti, Amor Slama, Moncef Ben Salem, Mouldi E Faleh, Elhem Mallek-Maalej La Prensa Medica Volume 102, Issue 5 Six Different Fat Tolerance Tests in Young Healthy Subjects Gender Dependent Postprandial Lipemia and Glucose Rasmussen OW and Lauszus FF A Symptomatologic Perspective to Sonoelastography Correlation of Compressive Sonoelastography Findings with VAS Score for Breast Cysts Karakaya DA, Seker M, Karakaya MA and Erol C A Cohort Study to examine the Result of Transferring a Poor Quality Embryo not Suitable for Freezing along with a Good Quality Embryo Jinyong Liu, Tin-Chiu Li, Jing Wang, Xiang Ma and Jiayin Liu Primary Pyomyositis caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in a Patient with Celiac Disease Case Report and Review of the Literature Olavegogeascoechea PA, Puyó CF, Serrano Riveros P , Núñez WD and Lomban E Morphometric Features of Tibial Attachment of Posterior Cruciate Ligament on Thiel Embalmed Cadavers Alobaidy M, Wilkinson T and Bidaut L Estimation of Allele Frequenciesand Population Incidence ofWilson Disease in Brazil Otto PA, Deguti MM, Araujo TF, Barbosa ER, Bem RSD, Araujo FC and Cancado ELR Journal of Genital System & Disorders Volume 5 Issue 4 Initiation of Ovarian Stimulation with Recombinant FSH in a GnRH Antagonist Cycle Day 2 versus Day 5 Shruti Parikh and Christophe Blockeel Relief from Menopausal Symptoms by Nonhormonal Treatment with Pycnogenol French Maritime Pine Bark Extract Rohdewald PJ Evaluation of Women with PostMenopausal Bleeding Esra Tuba Mutlu, Ergun Oksuz and Cihan Oztopcu Granular Cell Tumors are Very Rare but Important Vulvar Masses that should not beOverlooked Al Naimi A, Schulze F, Schmidt-Fittschen M and Bahlmann F Genital Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Case Report of Orogenital Infection byAutotransmission Peró M and Espinós JJ Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology Volume 5, Issue 5 Effect of Aqueous Phase Acidity on Thermal and Radiolytic Degradation Behaviour of PUREX Solvent Mishra S, Mallika C, Pandey NK, Kamachi Mudali U Evaluation of Uranium Thorium and Some Metal Elements in Rocks by HRICPMS and LIBS Fathi M Ibrahim A Sergani, Abdelrazig Mohamed Abdelbagi and Abdelaziz AMEL Shokali Proliferation Resistance and Safeguardability of Different Fuel Cycles Gangotra S, Sharma G, Viswanadham CS Burn up Effects on Kinetic Parameters Variations in an Electron Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactor Ebrahimkhani Mm, Hassanzadeh M, Feghhi SAH3 and Rahbari K Investigation on Heat Transfer Behaviour of Molten Salt Natural Circulation Loop using Numerical Simulations Jayaraj Yallappa Kudariyawar, Abhijeet Mohan Vaidya, Naresh Kumar Maheshwari, Polepalle Satyamurthy, Abhishek Kumar Srivatsav, Babalu Mohan Lingade Measurement of U diffusion in Nb using alphaSpectrometry Perez Rodolfo A, Gordillo Jorge A, Iribarren M, Di Lalla N On Electrochemical Maintaining of the Given Quality of Molten Salt Reactors Electrochemical maintaining; Molten salt reactors; Quality Dental Health: Current Research Volume 2, Issue 3 Atraumatic RestorativeTreatment vs ConventionalTreatment for Early ChildhoodCaries Randomized ClinicalTrial for Survival Analysisand Physiological DiscomfortAssessment Camargo LB, Olegário IC, Aldrigui JM, Calvo AFB, Carvalho C, Mendes FM and Raggio DP Prognosis of Furcation Involved Teeth CostEffectiveness over Implant Placement Ntolou P, Prevezanos I and Karoussis IK Oral Health Provider Perceptions of Dental Therapists and Oral Health Equity in the Southeastern United States Henrie M Treadwell, Frank Catalanotto, Rueben C Warren, Linda S Behar-Horenstein and Starla Hairston Blanks Comparison between Interdental Brush and Dental Floss for Controlling Interproximal Biofilm in Teeth and Implants Mariana Luz, Maria Fátima Guarizo Klingbeil, Paulo Sérgio Gomes Henriques and Hugo Roberto Lewgoy Novel Oral Anticoagulants Comparative Pharmacology and Dental Implications Uday N Reebye, Deepti Shroff2 Kevin Fortier, Michael Clayton May and William S Kirk Jr Journal of Sleep Disorders: Treatment and Care Volume 5, Issue 4 Qualitative Study of LongTerm SedativeHypnotic use Patterns Chang-Wei Chen , Chien-Ming Yang ,Yaw- Sheng Lin and Yun-Lin Tsai Resistant Hypertension and Sleep Duration among Blacks with Metabolic Syndrome MetSO April Rogers , Olivia Necola , Azizi Sexias , Alla Luka , Valerie Newsome , Stephen Williams , Samy I McFarlane and Girardin Jean-Louis Appropriate Sleep Duration and Physical Activity Modulate Cognitive Improvement Etindele Sosso FA and Raouafi S Tableside Sleep Intervention with Pain Patients following Physical Therapy Sexton-Radek K*, Abbey Larr, Elmhurst College Implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia The Patient Perspective Megan R Crawford, Simon D Kyle, Delwyn J Bartlett, Ron R Grunstein and Colin A Espie Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview Volume 4, Issue 4 A MiniReview on Toxicity of Triclosan in Aquatic Environment Lilan Zhang, Peili Lu, Fuzhong Song, Daijun Zhang and Kaixuan Li Opportunities of Mapping Forest Carbon Stock and its Annual Increment Using Landsat TimeSeries Data Liangyun Liu Global Warming and Future Food Production Eviatar Nevo TrafficRelated Air Pollution Exposure and Asthma Hayfever and Allergic Sensitisation in Birth Cohorts A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis Joachim Heinrich, Feng Guo and Elaine Fuertes Using Machine Learning to Estimate Global PM25 for Environmental Health Studies Lary DJ, Lary T and Sattler B Journal of Food and Nutritional Disorders Volume 5, Issue 6 Unhealthy Food Commercials onBrazilian TV Keitiline R Viacava, Reinaldo AG Simões, Ricardo Santolim, Gibson J Weydmann, Betina V Damasceno, Arthur W Tietze, Álvaro Vigo and Lisiane Bizarro The Protective and CurativeRole of Star Anise Extractagainst MargarineInducedAtherosclerosis in Male Rats Omer Turki Mamdoh Ershidat In Vitro Prebiotic Properties ofPartially Purified AsparagusFalcatus and TaraxacumJavanicum Inulins Deshani C Mudannayake, Kahandage FST Silva and Kuruppu MS Wimalasiri, Said Ajlouni Short Cooking Time Increasesbut Sucrose or SweetenerCounteracts the RadicalScavenging Activities of TeaDecoction as Compared to TeaInfusion Hela Jlassi, Karima Dhaouadi, Marwa Laaribi, Sami Fattouch and Mohamed Hédi Hamdaoui Low Degree of Steatosis in MiceFed Fructose in the Feed Effectsof Lactobacillus Plantarum orEscherichia Coli on the DrinkingWater Marie-Louise Hagslätt, Yvonne Granfeldt, Siv Ahrné, Göran Molin and Åsa Håkansson VEGETOS: An International Journal of Plant Research Volume 29 Issue 3 Identification of Conserved Orthologous Set Markers in Cultivated Vigna radiata L Wilczek Rajappa JJ, Umdale SD , Kole PR and Bhat VK Effect of Interstock on Growth of Vigorous Mango Cultivars under Eastern Plateau and Hill Region of India Bikash Das and Mahesh Kumar Dhakar ?article_id=5398 A Brief Comparative Effectiveness Research CER about Conventional andHomeopathic Treatment of Type 2 Diabetic Patients Sima Sadrai, Ali Ghezelsefloo, Mojgan Asadi, Parisa Osanlo and Arash Jafaripoor Evaluation of Pyramided Rice Genotypes Derived from Cross Between CSR30 and IRBB60 Basmati Variety against Bacterial Leaf Blight Nikita Baliyan, Kirti Mehta, Reema Rani, Purushottum and KS Boora Appraisal of Thrips Population Dynamics in Mango using Weather Based Indices Gundappa, Adak T and Shukla PK Studies on Effect of A niger on Physiological Weight Loss and Biochemical Changes in Black Mould Rot Diseased Onion Prajapati BK, Patil RK and Patel NJ Response of Six Turf Species to Cadmium Stress Displaying the Most Tolerant Cultivar Agropyron; Antioxidant enzymes; Festuca, Lollium; Poa Microhabitat Diversity in a Lateritic Hillock of Northern Kerala India Sreejith KA, Prashob P, Sreekumar VB, Manjunatha HP and Prejith MP Genetic Evaluation of Crown Freezing Tolerance and Some Physiological Traits in Barley Hordeum vulgare L Lines Rana Valizadeh Kamran, Mahmoud Toorchi, Mohammad Mogadam, Hamid Mohammadi Evaluation of Abiotic and Biotic Elicitors for Induction of Defense Related Enzymes in Pea against U ViciaeFabae Pers J Schrot Vinod Upadhyay, Kushwaha KPS and Puja Pandey Genetic Diversity of Maize Zea mays L Genotypes Assessed by SSR Markers under Temperate Conditions Asima Gazal, Dar ZA, Lone AA, Shikari AB and Habib M Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Mungbean Genotypes using ISSR Markers Gunnjeet Kaur, Arunabh Joshi, Devendra Jain, Deepak Rajpurohit and Divya Vyas Survey and Status of Rice Blast Caused by Magnaporthe Oryzae BC Couch in Commercial Rice Growing Areas of Kashmir Farahanaz Rasool , Mushtaq Ahmed , Mehraj-ul-din Shah and Sandeep Sahni Differential response of Germplasm to InterSpecific Hybridization of Brassica spp Chandan Roy, Jha RN, Chandan Kishore, Singh PK and Tomar JB Effect of Sowing Dates Plant Density Seed Treatment and Fertilizers on Performance and Quality Seed Production in Mungbean Vigna Radiata L Wilczek Shantharaja CS*, Mahajan SS, Rajora MP and Bhatt RK Effect of Elevated Temperature on In Vitro Microtuberization of Potato Genotypes with Different Thermotolerance Levels Anupama Singh, Nimisha Kaushal, Reena Sharma, Vinay Bhardwaj, Brajesh Singh and Rajinder Singh Genetic Divergence Studies for Fibre Yield and Its Contributing Traits in Roselle Hibiscus sabdariffa L Jyothsna S and Hari Satyanarayana N Molecular Characterization and Management of Aspergillus flavus Link Ex Fries inGroundnut Ranganathswamy M, Naik ST and Adiver SS Evaluation of RIL Population Derived from Traditional and Modern Cultivar of Wheat C 5182 PBW 343 for Yield Potential under Drought Stress Conditions Ashutosh Srivastava, Puja Srivastava, Achla Sharma, Sarlach RS and Bains NS Effects of Dirt roads on Vegetation and Diversity in Arid Rangelands Case StudyAliabad Pyshkoh of Yazd Iran Anahita Rashtian Genetic Diversity in Vegetable and Grain Type Soybean Genotypes Identified usingMorphological Descriptor and ESTSSR Markers Khanande AS , Jadhav PV, Kale PB, Madavi SM, Mohari MP, Nichal SS, Sonkamble PA, Wandhare MR, Walke RD, Varghese P and Nandanwar RS Evidence of Economic Heterosis and Genetic Control of Fruit Yield and Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus Disease Severity Traits of Okra Tania Seth, Arup Chattopadhyay, Subrata Dutta, Pranab Hazra and Bijendra Singh Combining Ability and Heterosis Study for Fibre Yield and Yield Attributing Characters in Tossa Jute Corchorus olitorius L Anil Kumar A, Sharma HK, Choudhary SB, Maruthi RT, Jawahar lal J and Jiban Mitra Leaf Dust Accumulation and Air Pollution Tolerance Indices of Three Plant Species Exposed to Urban Particulate Matter Pollution from a Fertilizer Factory Hassanen RA, Morsy AA and Saleh HA Tagging SSR Markers Associated with Genomic Regions Controlling Anthracnose Resistance in Chilli Capsicum baccatum L Nanda C, Mohan Rao A, Ramesh S, Hittalmani S and Prathibha VH Integrated Management of DieBack and Fruit Rot of Chilli Capsicum annuum L Santoshreedy Machenahalli, VB Nargund, Byadgi AS and Yashoda Hegde Insect and Mammalian Pests of Large Cardamom Amomum subulatum Roxburgh in Sikkim Himalaya Deka TN, Gudade BA, Saju KA and Bora SS Spatial Distribution Behaviour of Thrips in Important Cucurbitaceous Vegetable Crops Sardana HR, Bhat MN, Chaudhary H, Sureja AK, Sharma K, and Mobin Ahmad Spatial Variability in Soil Properties of Mango Orchards in Eastern Plateau and Hill Region of India Mali SS, Naik SK and Bhatt BP Analysis of Diversity and Distribution of Pongamia Pongamia pinnata L PierreGermplasm Collections from Two Distinct EcoGeographical Regions in India Sunil N, Vinod Kumar , Panwar NS, Pandravada SR, Sivaraj N, Kamala V, Debnath MK and KS Varaprasad Development and Evaluation of Inclined Plate Metering Mechanism for Onion Pelleted Seeds Anand Gautam, Rohinish khurana, Gursahib Singh Manes, Anoop Dixit and Aseem Verma Journal of Blood Research & Hematologic Diseases Volume 1 Issue 2 Timely Dosage Dependent Ethanolic Extract of Mangifera Indica Promotes Blood Cells Development and Weight Gain Jimmy EO and Udo ES Recent Advances in Hodgkin Lymphoma Theodoros P Vassilakopoulos and Sotirios G Papageorgiou Efficiency of PreStorage Leukoreduction of Red Cells A Double Blind Quality Control Method Transfusion medicine Setia Rasika, Arora Satyam, Handoo Anil and Kapoor Meenu EHPVO and Splanchnic Vein Thrombosis Afaq Ahmad Khan, Zeeshan Ahmad Wani, Tufeel Kochak and Sonmoon Mohapatra Characterization of Complex Chromosomal Rearrangements in Acute Myeloid LeukemiaFISH and Multicolor FISH Add Precision in Defining Abnormalities Associated withPoor Prognosis Pina J Trivedi, Dharmesh M Patel, Manisha M Brahmbhatt and Prabhudas S Patel International Journal of Mental Health & Psychiatry Volume 2, Issue 4 Livedin Experience of Mothers with Mentally Retarded Children in Selected Schools Bangalore A Phenomenological Approach Alisha Rijal Deficient Integration of Short and Long Term Memory in Individuals with Schizophrenia Victor Marinho, Kaline Rocha, Francisco Magalhaes, Jessica Ribeiro, Thomaz de Oliveira, Pedro Ribeiro, Fernanda Sousa, Monara Nunes, Valecia Carvalho, Victor Hugo Bastos, Bruna Velasques and Silmar Teixeira The Effect of Mobile usage on Quality of Sleep and Health Related Quality of Life in Elderly Wahba HMF, Walaa W Aly, Salma MS Elsaid and Randa Ali- Labib Physical Health Monitoring and Care of Inpatients with SMI in a Rehabilitation Setting Senthil FSS, Chesterman LP Nurses Attitudes towards People with Mental Illness Amira Ali Alshowkan The Economic Cost of Suicide and Nonfatal Suicidal Behaviour in the Australian Construction Industry Christopher M Doran, Rod Ling, Allison Milner and Irina Kinchin Journal of Applied Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Volume 5 Issue 2 Intelligence Information System for Automation Process Of Growing Tea Plantation Javanshir Mammadov and Gulnara Abbasova Computational Analysis and Polymorphism study of Tumor Suppressor Candidate Gene3 for Non Syndromic Autosomal Recessive Mental Retardation Muhammad Naveed, Syeda Khushbakht Kazmi, Fiza Anwar, Fatima Arshad, Tehreem Zafar Dar and Muddassar Zafar Ab initio Structural Insights and Functional Analysis of Thioredoxin GlutathioneReductase from Schistosoma japonicum Somnath Waghmare * and Viren Gomase Computational Analysis of Short Tandem Repeat STR Markers from Genome Wide Expression Regions of Sugar Beet Beeta vulgaris Virupaksh U Patil, Vanishree G, Vivek Hegde, KK Chaturvedi and SK Chakrabarti Expert Opinion on Environmental Biology Volume 5, Issue 3 Mechanism of Male Gender Bias in Neuroblastoma Cell Lines Exposed to FragrancesA Link to Autism Spectrum Disorder Hughes BW, Sealey LA and Omar Bagasra Bacterial Community Exploration through Ion Torrent Sequencing from Different Treatment Stages of CETP for Tannery Muthukalingan Krishnan, Thangaiyan Suganya and Jeyaraj Pandiarajan Changes in the Environmental Vulnerability of Oasean System desert oasis Pilot Study in Middle Draa Valley Morocco Ahmed Karmaoui and Adil Moumane NanoLiposomes of Crude SoyLecithin are Effective for CleaningFuelContaminated Sands andSoils Ayelet Barenholz, Yechezkel Barenholz and Herve Bercovier Wolfing Sustenance from Disturbed Wetlands Matillano BJE Cell Biology: Research & Therapy Volume 5, Issue 2 The Eliminated Negative Charge at NLS increases the PAK I Binding to Karyopherins Tania Iouk and Ursula Oberholzer A Synthetic Biology Rheoswitch Therapeutic System for the Controlled Local Expression of IL12 as an Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer Barrett JA, Cai H, Miao J, Sun L, Murugesan S, Chan T, Chakiath M, Krishnan S, Einstein R, Lebel F and Cooper LJN Phosphorylase Kinase Inhibition with Curcumin in Psoriasis Madalene CY Heng SERPINE1 Regulates Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Survival Attenuation of Neointimal Hyperplasia with a Small Molecule Functional Inhibitor That Promotes SERPINE1 Cleavage Paul J Higgins YAP A Component of the Hippo Pathway is Essential for Antioxidant Defense Song Fu, Renhua Lv, Haitao Hou, Longqiang Wang, Haijun Liu, Huan Wang, Xiangpeng Huang, Yanan Wang and Shize Shao Journal of Defense Studies and Resource Management Volume 4, Issue 1 The Sinicization of Brazils Defense Industry Raul Gouvea How to Defeat the Islamic State Crafting a Rational War Strategy Anthony N Celso The Sociological Analysis of the Russian Military Elite Evolution In the XXI Century Igor V Obraztsov Its time for Canadian Decisions on Lethal Drones Erika Simpson Resource Use Conflict between Farmers and Fulani Herdsmen in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State Nigeria Raul Gouvea On Suicide Bombing By Talal Asad Columbia University Press 2007 Pp 128 ISBN0231141521 Hoyoon Jung Crop Research Volume 51, Issue 1 Yield and Economics of Greengram Vigna radiata LWilczek Cultivars as Influenced by Integrated Nutrient Management Swetha A Patel, Chaudhari PP and Desai NH Effect of Phosphorus Sulphur and Biofertilizer on Growth Yield and Nodulation in Mungbean on Loamy Sand Soils of Kutch Sipai AH, Jat JR and Rathore BS Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression in Tropical Sweet Sorghum Sorghum bicolor LMoench Sudhir Kumar I, Srinivasa Rao P, Belum VS Reddy, Ravindrababu V and Reddy KHP Mounting Insights over Human Wellness by Utilizing Plants Primed Defense against PreciseMild Oxidative Stress Pragya Mishra and Sheo Mohan Prasad Foliar Applications of Zinc and Boron on Fruit Set and Some Fruit Quality of Olive Saadati S, Moallemi N, Mortazavi SMH and Seyyednejad SM Journal of Regenerative Medicine Volume 5, Issue 1 Factors Involved in Tissue Regeneration Fatemeh Abedini Developing Ideal Solution for Acute Wound Treatment by Regenerative Medicine Sandeep Shrivastava, Mahakalkar C, Tayde S, Moin Mehmood and Gupta A Stem Cell Biology and its Role in Regenerative Medicine A Concept Shaping the Future of Medicine Melkamu Bezie, Yonatan Mesfin and Habtamu Biyazen Stem Cells and Management of Healthcare Costs Stem CellBased Treatments and the Societal Balance Sheet Michelle Wedemeyer, Samuel Bederman S and Oswald Steward Identification and Expansion of Adipose Stem Cells with Enhanced Bone Regeneration Properties Di Stefano AB, Leto Barone AA, Giammona A, Apuzzo T, Moschella P, Di Franco S, Giunta G, Carmisciano M, Eleuteri C, Todaro M, Dieli F, Cordova A, Stassi G and Moschella F Journal of Primary & Acquired Immunodeficiency Research Volume 3, Issue 1 Recurrent Salmonellosis in a Child with Complete IL12R1 Deficiency Mohammad Faizan Zahid, Syed Asad Ali2, Fyezah Jehan, Abdul Gaffar Billo, Jean-Laurent Casanova Jacinta Bustamante Stephanie Boisson-Dupuis and Fatima Mir AlphaFetoprotein as a Biomarker in Immunodeficiency Diseases Relevance to Ataxia Telangiectasia and Related Disorders Immunodiagnostics Gerald J Mizejewski Vitamin D and HIV Infection A Systematic Review Natalia Barbosa, Laura Costa, Mara Pinto, Patricia Rosinha, Ines Rosinha and Mariana Couto Evidence of the Human Tcell Lymphotropic Virus HTLVI Circulation in Santiago De Cuba Province Cuba Dayami Martin, Dervel F Diaz, Onelvis Isaac, Liuber Y Machado, Dania Romay and Hector M Diaz Advances in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Volume 2, Issue 1 Becoming Muslim Patients after Total Hip Prosthesis in Morocco TEssohouna, MDDione, H Azanmasso, N.S Diagne, S Larhalbli , H Ahyaoui, K.M Guinhouya, M BELO, F Lmidmani, A El Fatimi and M Rafai Codon Pair Bias and Viral Vaccine Design Garry A Luke, Uday S Pathania, Fiona Tulloch and Martin D Ryan CreutzfeldtJakob Disease Susceptibility An Approach to Discovering Multiple Candidate Genes for Human Prion Diseases Byung-Hoon Jeong and Yong-Sun Kim Business and Hotel Management Volume 1, Issue 2 The Need to be PreparedDisaster Management in the Hospitality Industry Barent N. McCool Business in the Big Picture Managing for Sustainability Dennis Heaton Volume 1, Issue 1 ?article_id=85 Editors Editorial Board Members # ?article_id=76 Translational Research to Uncover Diagnostic Therapeutic Gene Targets Emerging in a Genomic Era from Bench to Bedside Blum K, Giordano J, Borsten J, Downs BW, Hauser M, Simpatico T, Lohmann R, Braverman ER and Barh D ?article_id=75 Genetic Networks in Heterogeneous Populations Mogen Fenger ?article_id=74 Genetic Studies of Complex Diseases in the Sequence Era Momiao Xiong