Adult Offspring’s Experiences of Living with a Parent Having an Alcohol Misuse Problem

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Adult Offspring’s Experiences of Living with a Parent Having an Alcohol Misuse Problem

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE,
2017) defines harmful drinking as a pattern of alcohol consumption
that would ultimately lead to various health problems, including
psychological problems (mainly depression), alcohol-related
accidents, or physical illnesses, such as heart and liver diseases. It
further asserts that problem drinkers can become alcohol dependent
in the presence of three traits: cravings, tolerance, and continued
use despite damaging results. The World Health Organization
(WHO, 2014) reported that the European region has the highest
per capita alcohol consumption in the world. Alcohol consumption
at harmful levels is estimated to be responsible for approximately
195,000 deaths per year in the EU and is listed as the cause of
suicides, liver cirrhosis, Road traffic accidents (RTA), homicides,
and neuropsychiatric implications (European commission, 2007).
Although the last survey conducted by the WHO (2017) within
the European region reported that the number of male alcoholics
in our society was greater than female ones, with 6.4% and 1.2%
estimated to be alcohol dependent respectively, it was noted that
a shift was developing towards a culture where female alcoholics
were increasing at a faster rate than their male counterparts. Malta
is no exception to this; however, although alcohol consumption
has long been part of the Maltese culture, data from the European
School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs as shown a
general decline in most patterns of alcohol use across the general

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