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An Anomalous Case of Nasal Septal Cyst with Cholesterol Granulomas: A Case Report

Cholesterol granulomas are non-cancerous or benign cysts that rarely occur at the point of petrous apex. In this report, we are presenting an extremely rare case of the cyst with cholesterol granulomas located in the nasal septum and eroding the cartilage. In this case a 45 years old male patient was presented for rhinoplasty procedure with a severe issue of bilateral nasal blockage and facial pain since a long time ago. He previously had a history of nasal surgery (Septoplasty) and rigid nasal endoscopy showed septal swelling in both the nasal cavity. Similarly, computed tomography (CT scan) with Multi Planer Reconstruction (MPR) showed a well-circumscribed lesion involving the anterior nasal septum and extended to both nasal cavities. The cyst was completely removed through surgery and the external approach septorhinoplasty was adopted. One-year post-operative follow-up showed no recurrence. Comprehensive but brief description of this rare atypical case of the nasal septal cyst with cholesterol granulomas will serve as a valuable differential diagnosis tool to all the Otorhinolaryngologists head and neck surgeons or ear, nose, throat (ENT) specialists/surgeons.

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