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Making Drugs Safer: Improving Drug Delivery and Reducing Side-Effect of Drugs on the Human Biochemical System

Making Drugs Safer: Improving Drug Delivery and Reducing Side-Effect of Drugs on the Human Biochemical System


The Re-strategizing becomes inevitable when in trying to proffer solution to a problem damage in a different form is done. The unintended effects of drugs (side effects) could be leaving behind more damage than the therapeutic effect they are required to provide. This has led to the withdrawal of a number of drugs. However, there are still a number of options to explore in delivery, especially in the application of nanomedicine. Such advances in nanomedicine employ the use ofPhenylboronic Acid-Installed Polymeric Micelles, MMP2-sensitive PEG-drug conjugate, Multifunctional DNA Nanoflowers, Single Vehicular Delivery of siRNA, nanoparticlemediated codelivery of siRNA and prodrug, Lipopeptide nanoparticles for siRNA delivery, Ferrous iron-dependent drug delivery, Polyprodrug Amphiphiles, Transepithelial Transport of Fc-Targeted Nanoparticles, Mutant KRAS target, Monovalent Molecular Shuttle, Near-infraredactuated devices, Transferrin receptor (TfR) trafficking, Remote loading of pre-encapsulated drugs, ATP-Mediated Liposomal Drug Delivery, Nanoparticle-Based Combination Chemotherapy Delivery System, Nucleic Acid Nanoparticle Conjugates, Ultrasound-triggered disruption of cross-linked hydrogels, Refilling drug delivery depots through the blood, siRNA payloads to target KRAS-mutant cancer, Delivery of Antibody Mimics into Mammalian Cells, Biologically “Smart” Hydrogel, combination of liposomes containing bio-enhancers and tetraether lipids. Minimized side effects, increased bioavailability, reduced dosage are possible benefits of improved drug targeting.

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