Ariel Pablo Lopez

Editorial Board Member

Department of Genetics
Clínicas Hospital "José de San Martín, Argentina

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Biochemistry graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phd in Biochemistry from the University of Buenos Aires, in the area of Genetics and Molecular Biology. Rating: 10 (ten) outstanding. Thesis title: "Molecular genetics of MODY Diabetes. Analysis of mutations in two related genes, study of its prevalence and clinical metabolic implications."

Research Interest

Endocrine diseases: Diabetes Mellitus, genetic bases, SRY gene and sexual differentiation, genetic bases, Thalassemias, genetic bases, Cystic Fibrosis genetic backgrounds, Fragile X chromosome genetic backgrounds, Huntington's chorea, genetic bases, GCK (glucokinase) gene and MODY2, genetic bases, HNF1 alpha gene (hepatic nuclear factor-1 alpha) gene and MODY3, genetic bases, HNF4 alpha gene (hepatic nuclear factor-4 alpha) gene and MODY1, genetic bases, IL1B (interleukin-1 beta) gene, inflammation and diabetes, genetic basis,

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