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Li Wu

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Li Wu, PhD
Department of Global Health
Ohio State University, USA

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Dr. Li Wu is a molecular virologist studying HIV interactions with host factors. His long-term research goal is to define the mechanisms regulating HIV infection in myeloid-lineage cells and to better understand viral pathogenesis. He has been studying HIV interactions with host factors since 2000 when he was a postdoctoral researcher. During the last eight years of m independent HIV research, Dr. Li has focused on the molecular mechanisms of dendritic cell-mediated HIV transmission and HIV restriction in human myeloid cells. Dr. Li also established a productive research record in this area. 

Dr. Li Wu joined the Department of Veterinary Biosciences at The Ohio State University (OSU) as a tenured Associate Professor on October 1, 2009. Dr. Li appointment is approximately 80% on research and he also devoted his effort to teaching and service. 

Research Interest

Dr. Li Wu current research focuses on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of HIV restriction in human myeloid cells mediated by the host protein SAMHD1. These studies can facilitate our understanding of HIV pathogenesis and the development of more effective interventions against HIV infection and AIDS. Since 2012, in collaboration with two physician scientists at OSU, he has expanded his research to cancer biology, which focuses on the novel role of SAMHD1 as a tumor suppressor in cutaneous T-cell lymphomas.


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