SK Bhatngar

Editorial Board Member

Editor-in-Chief: SK Bharnagar, Dr
Department of Cell Biology
College of Biotechnology, India

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Started research work with Cytotaxonomy and mutagenesis in Indian Charophyta and continued with Giemsa C-banding techniques; Biochemical markers like Superoxide dismutase and Glycollate oxidase in harophyta; mutagenesis of medicinal plant extracts; molecular characterization and DNA fingerprinting for biodiversity of Charophyta; Molecular characterization of sugarcane viruses; Micropropagation of Bambusa sp.; Genetic transformation of tomato for delaying shelf life etc. Currently busy with PCR based techniques, Tissue culture and micropropagation, Gene transfer experiments on various plants etc

Research Interest

Research Interest Includes: Cytogenetics, Plant Breeding of Crops, Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding of Crops.

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