Yuji Murayama

Editorial Board Member

Division of Spatial Information Science
University of Tsukuba, Japan

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Yuji Murayama is Professor of spatial information science, University of Tsukuba, Japan. He served as President of GIS Association (2006–2008), Editor-in-Chief of Theory and Applications of GIS (2004–2006), Editor-in-Chief of Geographical Review of Japan, Ser.B (2006–2008), and Steering Committee Member of IGU Urban Commission (2000–2008). Professor Dr. Murayama is now Editor-in-Chief of Tsukuba Geoenvironmental Sciences (2013–Present), Associate Editor of Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration (2015-Present), Editor of Urban Studies Research (2010–Present), Editorial Manager of AJG Library: International Perspectives in Geography (2013–Present), and Steering Committee Member of IGU Transport Geography Commission (2008–Present). He is also in the editorial boards of international academic journals including GeoJournal (2000–Present), Urban Geography (2002–2012), Journal of Transport Geography (2004–Present), Positioning (2012–Present), Transactions in GIS (2013–Present), Progress in Earth and Planetary Science (2013–Present), Open Journal of Remote Sensing and Positioning (2013–Present), Geoinformatics and Geostatistics (2015–Present), and Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (2015–Present).

Research Interest

Yuji Murayaam research interests are GIS, Spatial Analysis and Urban /Transport Geography.

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