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Ahmed Moustafa Ahmed Moussa

Ahmed Moustafa Ahmed Moussa, PhD
Nile Research Institute (NRI)
National Water Research Center (NWRC), Egypt

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Dr. Ahmed Moustafa A. Moussa works as an Associate Professor in the Nile Research Institute (NRI), National Water Research Center (NWRC), Egypt. Dr. Ahmed Moustafa Ahmed Moussa holds a Ph.D. degree in Irrigation and Hydraulics from Ain Shams University, Egypt. He has also participated in a number of river engineering, hydraulic structures and hydrology projects with scientific, governmental and international organizations. Dr. Moussa's experience covers Egypt, Africa, Middle East and North America. Through his nearly 20-year career, he gained experience in river engineering, mathematical modeling, hydrological analysis and flood protection. He started his professional career in 1995 as a Civil Engineer with the Nile Research Institute (NRI), National Water research Center (NWRC). Dr. Moussa has a profound and versatile experience in collecting and verifying hydrologic and hydrographic surveying data, and analyzing and evaluating the consistency and accuracy of the collected data. As a Researcher with the Nile Research Institute (NRI), National Water research Center (NWRC), his duties included application of a hydro-morphological mathematical model to study River Nile morphology along Egypt. Dr. Moussa works also in the River Nile Protection and Development project and Navigation problems in the River Nile. Dr. Moussa has worked as researcher for Nile Research Institute (NRI), the National Water Research Center (NWRC), Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt, on a number of Research Projects co-funded by international agencies such as CIDA, JICA, World Bank and Italian DGDC. Most of these projects involved a multi disciplinary national and international team of experts. This gave Dr. Moussa an ample opportunity to be engaged in a multi-culture and multi disciplinary working environment, and attain high level of communication skills. He has attended several technical and management training courses, published over 20 refereed/conference papers and technical reports, and acquired valuable teaching experience nationally and internationally. Dr. Moussa gave lectures and short courses organized by national organizations such as Egyptian Universities, National Water Research Center in Egypt. Dr. Moussa is a Secretary General and Treasurer for the Egyptian Society of Irrigation Engineers. Also he is a member in Engineers Syndicate and Egyptian Society of Engineers. He served as a reviewer as well for several scientific journals in the field of water resources. In 2009, he has been the recipient Winner of Medal of UNESCO one of the best 10% (16 of 160 people) got UNESCO / Keizo Obuchi Research Fellowship Programme since 2001. His research interest is in Nile River Morphology. His publications are related to hydrology, hydraulics, sediment transport and morphology of Nile River and Lake Nasser.

Research Interest

Dr. Ahmed Moustafa Ahmed Moussa's research interests include:


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