Journal of Food and Nutritional Disorders ISSN: 2324-9323

Ali Atwi

Ali Atwi,
Laboratory of Microorganisms and Food Irradiation,
Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, Lebanon

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Ali Atoui is an Associate Professor at Lebanese University. He was the Head of the Laboratory of Microorganisms and Food Irradiation- CBRN Expert in the biological field at Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission in past. He had his graduation in the Institut national polytechnique de Toulouse, The International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies, Faculty of Agricultural. His research interests focus on the genetics and physiology of mycotoxin biosynthesis by filamentous fungi, molecular identification of mycotoxinogenic species, mycotoxin detection and control


Research Interest

Ali Atwi research interests are Microorganisms and Food Irradiation.


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