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Ali Tourchi

Ali Tourchi, PhD
Department of Pediatric Urology
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran  

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Ali Tourchi is a Post Doctoral Fellow at Brady Urology Institute, Johns Hopkins school of medicine, Baltimore, Maryland and a Research Assistant in Prof. A.M. Kajbafzadeh’s Laboratory, Department of Urology, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (February 2006 - present). He act as a Co-Editor of Scientificworldjournal special issue on ‘’Pediatric Urology: Recent Advances, Future expectations’’.
Ali Tourchi is an Editorial Board of Journal of Urology and research Ali Tourchi is also a Journal reviewer of Manuscripts in 2 peer-reviewed journals including Journal of General internal medicine, Journal of Expert Review of Medical Devices, and Emirate journal of Medicine.


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