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Amy Amara

Amy Amara, MD
Department of Neurology
University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

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Dr. Amy Amara, M.D., Ph.D. was appointed as the Francis and Ingeborg Heide Schumann Fellow in Parkinson's Disease Research in July 2009 after completing her residency in neurology at University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is also a Fellow in the Department of Sleep Medicine at UAB. Dr. Amara is a native of LaGrange, Georgia. She graduated at the top of her class from Agnes Scott College with a degree in biochemistry. She received her M.D., and Ph.D., with distinction, from Medical College of Georgia (now Georgia Health Sciences University) in 2005. Dr. Amara is a physician scientist studying sleep dysfunction in patients with Parkinson's disease. She is currently working on a study evaluating the effects of deep brain stimulation on sleep in patients with Parkinson's disease. She also has an interest in the link between REM sleep Behavior Disorder and neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, Dr. Amara is very involved in the evaluation and treatment of patients with movement disorders and sleep disorders and in the education of students and residents.

Research Interest

Dr. Amy Amara’s research interests include: Parkinsonism and Sleep Disorders.


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