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Boguslaw Cyganek

Boguslaw Cyganek, PhD
Department of Electronics
AGH – University of Science and Technology, Poland

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Dr. Bogusław Cyganek received his M.Sc. degree in electronics in 1993, then in computer science in 1996, from the AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland. He obtained his Ph.D. degree cum laude in 2001 with a thesis on correlation of stereo images, and D.Sc. degree in 2011 with a thesis on methods and algorithms of object recognition in digital images. During the recent years, Dr. Boguslaw Cyganek has been cooperating with many scientific centers in development of computer vision systems. He has also gained several years of practical experience working as a Software Development Manager and a Senior Software Engineer both in the USA and Poland. He is currently a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Electronics, AGH University of Science and Technology. He is an author or a co-author of over ninety conference and journal papers and four books including "An Introduction to 3D Computer Vision Techniques and Algorithms", as well as "Object Detection and Recognition in Digital Images: Theory and Practice", published by Wiley. Dr. Cyganek is a member of the IEEE, IAPR and SIAM.

Research Interest

Dr. Bogusław Cyganek’s research interests include computer vision, pattern recognition, as well as development of programmable devices and embedded systems.


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