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C Staikou

C Staikou, PhD
Department of Anesthesia
Athens University, Athens

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C Staikou as a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in teaching the students of Medical School, University of Athens, Greece / lectures and training (clinical practice) in the operating room,as a clinical anaesthesiologist in a teaching hospital in teaching and training residents in Anesthesiologist Teaching in 4 post-graduate academic programs (MSc) of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He is also Supervisor in post-graduate research and scientific work (MSc, PhD),as a Member of Scientific Committees for assessment of research and scientific work (MSs, PhD).Staikou is a instructor in several Basic Life Support seminars,several Advanced Life Support seminars,Pre-hospital Medicine,program “Olympic Games, 2004, programm Health and Medical Care(2004).

Research Interest

C Staikou research interests include Clinical Anesthesiology.


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