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Carole M. Schneider

Carole M. Schneider, PhD
Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute
University of Northern Colorado, USA

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Dr. Carole M. Schneider is the Professor at School of Sport and Exercise Science and the Director of Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute,University of Northern Colorado, USA.

Research Interest

The primary focus of Dr. Carole M. Schneider laboratory is the use of pharmacological and non-pharmacological (physical activity) interventions to attenuate the deleterious cardiovascular side effects of chemotherapy in human and animal models. He use human cancer survivors to determine the effects of exercise on cancer treatment related toxicities and symptoms. He uses animal models of chemotherapy-induced organ toxicity to examine the benefits of specific drugs and exercise in alleviating the deleterious side effects of cancer treatments. Dr. Carole M. Schneider laboratory uses modern physiological, biochemical, and histological techniques to assess the degree of protection provided by treatment interventions.


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