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Claudio Puoti

Claudio Puoti, PhD
Department of Internal Medicine
ASL Roma H, Italy

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Dr. Claudio Puoti is a Specialist in Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases, and the Deputy Director of the Department of Internal Medicine - ASL Roma H. Dr. Claudio Puoti is a member of various societies and associations. Dr. Claudio Puoti has been serving as an Editor and reviewer for various journals. The Centre carries out activities directed by Dr. Puoti for diagnosis and treatment in the field of Hepatology and Internal Medicine, research activities, with particular interest in chronic viral hepatitis HBV and HCV to cirrhosis of the liver and the blood pressure portal.

Research Interest

Dr. Claudio Puoti’s research interests are Viral hepatitis HBV and HCV, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatology, Gastroenterology, Liver Hemodynamics, Fibroscan, transjugular biopsy Liver, Digestive Endoscopy.


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