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O Colin Stine

O Colin Stine, PhD
University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA

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Research Interest

I have two research interests. The first is focused on the epidemiology of Vibrio cholerae and unrecognized diarrheal pathogens in low income countries. For V. cholerae, the bacterial cause of cholera outbreaks, I developed a novel method of genotyping . This method permits epidemiological tracing of related strains at finer resolution than has been previously possible. Our tracing of strains in human populations and the environment is producing new and unexpected results. In addition, I am using metagenomic methods (ones based on sequencing all of the bacteria, eukaryotes and viruses) in diarrheal and normal stools of children from low-income countries. Although many pathogens are known to cause diarrhea, 15 to 30% of diarrheal cases do not have a known etiology by gold standard microbiological techniques. We are comparing the DNA signatures of organism in diarrheal and normal samples to identify those associated with diarrhea and then testing them in tissue culture.

My second area of research interest is genotyping individuals in order to establish correlations between clinical phenotypes like early onset stroke (<50 years old). schizophrenia and single-nucleotide polymorphisms.


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