Journal of Food and Nutritional Disorders ISSN: 2324-9323

M.Cristina Casiraghi

M.Cristina Casiraghi, PhD
Department of Food Environmental and Nutritional Sciences
University of Milan, Italy

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M.Cristina Casiraghi is a researcher at the Faculty of Agriculture on the University of Milan, Department of Food Science, Technology and Microbiology- Nutrition Unit and Member of the Italian Society of Nutrition. Her research areas include Metabolic effect of dietary fiber consumption Metabolic effects of pre- and probiotics, Research on starch digestibility ( glycaemic index-GI) in carbohydrate foods, focusing on the effects of food formulation and processing on GI, Biotechnological approaches to enhance nutritional and functional potential of cereals by-products      


Research Interest

M.Cristina Casiraghi research intrest includes Metabolic effect of starch and dietary fiber consumption: research on carbohydrate food in relation to starch digestibility, focusing on food processing and glycaemic index, Metabolic effects of pre- and probiotics.


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