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Daniel P Cardinali

Daniel P Cardinali
Salvador University, Buenos Aires

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Dr. Cardinali got his MD and PhD degrees with honors at the Salvador University, Buenos Aires. Since 1971 he is a Research Career Awardee of the Argentine National Research Council and from 1986 to 2008 he was Professor of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires. He is presently Director of Department of Teaching & Research, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, and Professor Emeritus, University of Buenos Aires.
Dr. Cardinali"s fields of interest include the Physiology and Pharmacology of Melatonin and Biologic Rhythms, in particular their relationships with Sleep Medicine. To date Dr. Cardinali has published more than 450 scientific papers (for those listed in PubMed, see web page: and 105 invited review articles in books). He has edited 25 scientific books and special issues. He has been an invited speaker in 125 international congresses and colloquia. Dr. Cardinali has been the supervisor more than 40 postdoctoral Fellows and investigators from CONICET, Argentina, and has directed 18 doctoral theses completed with honors at the University of Buenos Aires.

Research Interest

Research interests of Cardinali Neuroscience Neurology Medical Neurosciences Geriatrics Neurobiology Aging Neurodegenerative Diseases Neuroprotection


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