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Edison Barbieri

Dr. Edison Barbieri, PhD
Instituto de Pesca, Brazil

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Dr. Edison Barbieri is oceanographer with habilitation in biological oceanography and geology, a master's degree in physical geography and completed a PhD. in Oceanography (biological oceanography) from São Paulo University in 2000. He is currently Researcher level Professor and accredited teacher at the post-graduation program in aquaculture and fishing in Fisheries Institute, Brazil. He has 96 articles published in specialized journals, 110 works in annals of events and 177 articles of scientific divulgation. He has 4 published books and 6 book chapters. He has 61 items of technical production. He participated in 30 events abroad and 26 in Brazil and received 1 award and/or tribute. He has already coordinated 19 research projects. Dr. Barbieri acts in the field of Oceanography, with an emphasis on interaction between marine organisms and the environmental parameters. In his professional activities he has interacted with 141 employees in authorship of scientific papers. He participates as Board member and reviewer for several national and international journals. Dr. Barbieri has experience in Oceanography, focusing on Interaction between the Marine Organisms and the Ambient Parameters.

Research Interest

Dr. Barbieri areas of interest include ecology, marine biology, ecotoxicology, seabirds, Bird, beach pollution, toxicity, Antarctica, oceanography, fish and birds.


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