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Emilio Ferrara

Emilio Ferrara, PhD
Indiana University, Bloomington

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Emilio Ferrara is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Informatics and Computing of Indiana University Bloomington. Emilio Ferrara works with A. Flammini and F. Menczer at the DARPA/SMISC research project on the early detection of persuasion on social media.Emilio Ferrara holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science (University of Messina, Italy - 2012). He was a visiting scholar at the DBAI group of Vienna University of Technology and an intern at Lixto GmbH (2010), and a visiting researcher at the Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology of the Royal Holloway University of London (2011/12).His research interests include Network Science, Computer Science, Data Science, and Machine Learning with applications in Complex Networks, Social Networks and Media Analysis, and Knowledge Engineering. He has co-authored over 40 papers, appeared in top journals and conferences.Emilio is the Lead Guest Editor of the thematic series on Collective Behaviors and Networks on EPJ Data Science. Emilio Ferrara serves as a reviewer for the several Computer Science, Data Science, Physics and multidisciplinary journals, and participates in the PC of top conferences including WWW, ICWSM, CIKM and SocInfo.Emilio is a co-organizer of COVEnANT: Collective Behaviors and Networks, a satellite event of ECCS; he is the local co-chair of ACM Web Science 2014 (Bloomington (IN) USA, June 2014), the co-chair of “Connecting Online & Offline Life” (COOL 2014 - a WWW’14 workshop, Seoul, Korea, April 2014), the co-chair of “Computational Approaches to Social Modeling” (ChASM 2014: ACM WebSci 2014 workshop) and the Publicity Chair of “SocInfo 2014” (Barcelona, Spain, November 2014)

Research Interest

Emilio Ferrara research interests focuses on Complex Networks and Systems,Data Mining,Machine Learning,Web Science and Data Science.


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