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Francois G. Schmitt

Francois G. Schmitt, PhD
CNRS - National Centre for Scientific Research, France

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Dr. François G. Schmitt has completed his Engineer degree from National School of Advanced Techniques (ENSTA Paris Tech) in 1988. He has received his PhD in physics, specialty Turbulence, University of Paris 6 in 1993. Dr. Schmitt was a researcher at CNRS (CR1) in 2002 and Research professor at CNRS (DR2) in 2007. Since 2006 Dr. Schmitt has been director of the ELICO laboratory (2006-2007) and of the Laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences from 2008-2013. Dr. Schmitt is a Member of number of academic societies: EUROMECH (European Mechanics Society); ESMRB (European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology); EGU (European Geosciences Union); AGU (American Geophysical Union); ASLO (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography); SFDS (Société Française de Statistiques groupe «Environnement et statistiques) and UOF (Union des Océanographes de France).

Research Interest

Dr. François G. Schmitt’s research interests include: Stochastic and scaling processes and methods for marine sciences: Turbulence; Stochastic and nonlinear variability in geophysics; Multifractal analysis and modelling; Physics-biology couplings in marine ecosystems; Micro-scale variability in oceanography; Animal behaviour (copepods).


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