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Graeme Forrest

Graeme Forrest, MD
Division of Infectious Diseases, VAMC
Oregon Health & Science University, USA

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Dr. Forrest specializes in infections in immunocompromised hosts, especially solid organ transplant recipients and patients with stem cell transplants. His work also includes patients with hematologic malignancies and has done this work for many years and has a strong tie with this patient population. As drug resistant bacteria is an ever increasing issue, he works on ensuring appropriate use of antibiotics within the hospital to prevent these infections.

Research Interest

Dr. Forrest has a strong interest in antimicrobial stewardship and uses this for cross collaboration with intensive care specialists and hematologists. A lot of the interest is utilizing rapid diagnostics of microbes to minimize antibiotic use and target therapy directly to the organism. This should lead to improved outcomes and reduced costs and resistant organisms.


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