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Gregory Orlowski

Gregory Orlowski, PhD
Research Station of the Institute of Agricultural and Forest Environment
Polish Academy of Turew, Poland

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Dr. Gregory Orlowski is working at Research Station of the Institute of Agricultural and Forest Environment, Polish Academy of Turew, Turew. For several years Dr. Gregory has been doing research on the effects of cultivation land and agricultural activities on avifauna fields and mortality of vertebrates on the roads south-western Polish. Currently, he is involved in several projects initiated by him conducted with the participation of researchers from several academic centers of the country, dedicated to the protection of birds associated with agricultural areas Polish. For nearly 20 years he lead faunal observations of birds in Lower Silesia, and in particular in the fields of irrigation in Wroclaw and Tank Mietkowski. He has implemented various research programs and has publishes various articles and abstracts.

Research Interest

Dr. Gregory Orlowski‘s research interests include landscape ecology, ornithology terrain and conservation biology, in particular, they focus on the problems of natural resource conservation agricultural areas, including avifauna.


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