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Hans Jorg G. Diersch

Hans Jorg G. Diersch, PhD
Groundwater Modelling Centre
FEFLOW Developing Group, Germany

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Prof. H.J.G. Diersch is the chief developer of the finite-element groundwater simulation system FEFLOW. He is the scientific director of the WASY Ltd in Berlin (Germany) and a Full Professor for flow dynamics. With over 25 years of experience, he has been working on the development and application of numerical models for the simulation of flow, mass and heat transport in subsurface water resources. Prof. H.-J.G. Diersch’s work encompasses a variety of theoretical and practical investigations with emphasis on density-coupled flow processes (saltwater intrusion, geothermal fields), engineering activities for groundwater interception and remediation of contaminated sites, finite-element modelling of flow and transport processes in saturated and unsaturated porous media as well as commercial software developments. Present work concentrates on coupled aspects of subsurface and surface water interactions, multi-species transport, fracture modelling and advances in finite-element software technologies.

Research Interest

Dr. H.J.G. Diersch's research interests include:

  • Coupled aspects of subsurface and surface water interactions
  • Multi-species transport
  • Fracture modelling and
  • Advances in finite-element software technologies


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