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Jasmina Vujic

Jasmina Vujic, PhD
Department of Nuclear Engineering
University of California, Berkeley, USA

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Dr. Jasmina Vujic is a PhD in Nuclear Science, University of Michigan, 1990. Professor Jasmina Vujic teaches undergraduate courses in introduction to nuclear engineering, introduction to nuclear reactor theory, and radiation protection and control, as well as graduate courses in nuclear reactor theory, and numerical methods in reactor design and analysis. Her research interests include development of advanced numerical methods for the neutronic analysis of nuclear reactors, radiation shielding, and medical applications of radiation; neutron and photon transport theory; reactor core design and analysis; optimization techniques for vector and parallel computing systems.

Research Interest

Numerical methods in reactor physics, neutron and photon transport, reactor core design and analysis, shielding and radiation protection, biomedical application of radiation, optimization techniques for vector and parallel computers.


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