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Jason Cain

Jason Cain, PhD
Monash Institute of Medical Research
Monash Medical Centre, Australia

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Dr. Jason Cain is a Research Fellow in the Developmental and Cancer Biology laboratory of Prof. Neil Watkins in the Centre for Cancer Research at the Monash Institute of Medical Research. Dr Jason Cain is a developmental biologist involved in full time basic research. After completing his BSc (2000), BSc(Hons) (2001) and PhD (2006) in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Monash University.

Research Interest

Dr. Jason Cain research focuses on the role of critical embryonic signalling pathways in normal and abnormal development and disease. In particular Jason is interested in how aberrant activation of these pathways contrbiutes to paediatric cancers, including osteosarcoma and medulloblastoma.


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