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Juliet C. Stromberg

Juliet C. Stromberg, PhD
School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University, USA

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Dr. Juliet C. Stromberg received her Ph.D. at Arizona State University (ASU), and was an associate research professor at ASU's Center for Environmental Studies before joining the ASU Plant Biology Department in 1997. She serves on the editorial board of Wetlands and is a member of the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Endangered Species Recovery Team. Dr. Stromberg is a plant ecologist who specializes in riparian and wetland ecosystems. She researches how human activities in dry land regions influence riparian plant populations, communities, and landscapes. Much of her research focuses on relationships between stream and ground water hydrology and riparian ecosystems, and on effects of ecosystem disturbance (floods and fire) on riparian plant populations, communities, and landscapes. Some studies are conducted at reference sites where human influence is minimal, others are carried out at hydrologically altered sites or at sites undergoing restoration. By understanding pattern and process in riparian ecosystems, she provides resource managers with information that can inform conservation and restoration efforts.

Research Interest

Dr.Juliet C. Stromberg’s research interests are:

  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Environmental flows
  • Fire ecology
  • Floods, fire, and other ecosystem disturbances
  • Population, community and landscape-level processes
  • Riparian ecology
  • Plant ecology


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