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Kunling Shen

Kunling Shen, PhD
Department of Pediatrics
Capital Medical University, China

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Dr. Kunling Shen, pediatric consultant, PhD of Pediatrics, professor of Capital Medical University, vice President of Beijing Children's Hospital, President-elect of Chinese Pediatric Society, Chairman of Chinese Pediatric Pulmonology Society. Dr. Shen got her bachelor degree in the major of medicine and pediatrics in Capital Medical University in 1982, and then got her PhD majored in pediatrics and virology in 1993. Dr. Shen has been working in Beijing Children's Hospital and specialized in respiratory, virology and sleep medicine ever since then. She was a WHO clinical fellow in Department of Respiratory Medicine in New Children's Hospital of Australia in 1998 and a visiting scholar in University of Wisconsin in USA in 2000. She has carried out numerous projects and studies in respiratory, virology and sleep medicine and published more one hundred papers in the above aspects. Dr. Shen is the vice chief editors of Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics, Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics and some other medical journals.

Research Interest

Dr. Kunling Shen’s research interest includes: respiratory, virology and sleep medicine.


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