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Laura Scesi

Laura Scesi, PhD
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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Dr. Laura Scesi is a Full Professor in Applied Geology for the Politecnico di Milano (School of Civil and Environmental Engineering). Her teaching concerns with: Engineering Geology and Geological-Technical Survey. Dr. Laura Scesi has put many researches into effect concerning the topics on the geological risks related to: the implementation of civil engineering works, the land-use planning and the natural resources management. Over the years she has participated in responsible scientific research projects, and has entered into contracts for technical and scientific advice in the field of geological application, hydrological and geo-mining and has carried out extensive research on the related topics. This research led to the publication of nearly 80 scientific works and 9 books.

Research Interest

Dr. Dr. Laura Scesi’s research interests include:


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