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Marek Switonski

Marek Switonski
Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding
Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland

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Dr. Marek Switonski is currently Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology in the Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding at Poznan University of Life Sciences. Dr. Marek Switonski has published various articles in a variety of journal related to his area of study.

Research Interest

Dr. Marek Switonski’s research interest includes:

chromosome aberrations and polymorphisms in: cattle, pig, horse, dog, foxes and raccoon dog;

physical (cytogenetic) mapping of the canids: dog, silver fox, blue fox and Chinese raccoon dog genomes

physical (cytogenetic) mapping of the pig genes encoding proteins involved in lipid metabolism and adipogenesis

  • gene polymorphism and expression

polymorphism and expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism and energy homeostasis association between gene polymorphism and fat tissue accumulation polymorphism of genes involved in sex determination

  • biology of reproduction

intersexuality (DSD - disorders of sexual development) in domestic mammals.


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