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Marissa Harrison

Marissa Harrison PhD
Department of Psychology
The Pennsylvania State University, USA

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Dr. Marissa A. Harrison received her Ph.D. in biological (experimental) psychology with an emphasis on evolutionary psychology from the University at Albany, SUNY, in 2006. She has additional qualifications in social psychology and behavioral neuroendocrinology. Dr. Harrison's research has made for an interesting journey, including being a visiting scholar in comparative behavioral biology at the University of Southwestern Louisiana Primate Research Center in New Iberia, LA, where she and her colleagues studied contagious yawning in chimpanzees. She has also collaborated on research with colleagues and students here at Penn State Harrisburg, as well as at Albright College, Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, Georgia State University, and her Alma Mater, University at Albany.

Research Interest

Dr. Marissa A. Harrison's Research focus on The evolutionary origins of human behavior, including sexuality, mate-choice, and social behavior


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