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Marta Yebra

Marta Yebra, PhD
Fenner School of Enviroment and Society, Australia  

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Dr. Marta Yebra is Research Fellow at Fenner School of Enviroment and Society. Her main background is in remote sensing of vegetation biophysical properties, such as fuel load and moisture content for spatial fire risk analysis, and canopy conductance for carbon sequestration and water balance studies. Marta Yebra has authored more than 44 publications (follow the link under 'Related websites' for a full list of publications).From 2004-2010 Marta Yebra was employed at the University of Alcala, where she was involved in two large multidisciplinary projects which assessed and integrated the main fire risk factors, validated the results and analysed fire risk trends, considering potencial changes in socio-economic factors as well as foreseen impacts of global climate change. During her research, Marta Yebra spend time at the Centre for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing (University of California at Davis, USA); the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA, Argentina) and the School of Environmental and LIfe Sciences of Salford (UK).From 2010 to 2013 Marta was a postdoctoral fellow at CSIRO Land and Water as developing innovative methods to integrate satellite and in-situ observations from micro-meteorological tower sites with models to predict carbon-water coupling.Her affiliations and roles include an Adjunt Research Scientist at the Environmental Earth Observation Program (CSIRO Land and Water)

Research Interest

Marta Yebra research interests include Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts.


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