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Mihaly Vegh

Mihaly Vegh
Department of Ophthalmology
University of Szeged, Szeged

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Dr. Mihaly Vegh currently working as Associate professor in Department of Ophthalmology, Medical Faculty at University of Szeged. He received his PhD at Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest in 1994. Dr. Mihaly Vegh 72 scientific papers have been published in various scientific journals and books, in Hungarian, English, German, Italian and French. He has a patent specification for soft contact lens care solution. He has written and edited a contactological textbook textbook.Dr. Mihaly Vegh is member of the managing committee of several Hungarian and European scientific societies in ophthalmology. Dr. Mihaly Vegh was awarded the Javal Medal by the International Contact Lens Society in 1997; by the Hungarian Society of Ophthalmology at the Centenary Congress in 2004; Fick-Kalt-M�ller Medal by the European Contactological Society of Ophthalmologists, by Győrffy Medal by the Hugarian Contactological Society in 2010.

Research Interest

Dr. Mihaly Vegh research interest focus on Contactology, Dacryology, Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconsrtuctive Surgery.


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