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Nicu Bizon

Nicu Bizon, PhD
Department of Electronics, Communications and Computers
University of Pitesti, Romania

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Dr. Nicu Bizon received a five-year degree in electronic engineering from the University “Polytechnic” of Bucharest, Romania, in 1986, and the PhD degree in Automatic Systems and Control from the same university, in 1996. Firstly, he was in hardware design with the Dacia Renault SA, Romania. Currently, Dr. Bizon is Professor with the University of Pitesti, Romania, being dean of the Faculty of Electronics, Communication and Computers from 2012. Previously, he was the general manager of the "Muntenia" Training Centre (CFM) during 2000-2004. Dr. Bizon participated in training activities for trainers, obtaining 18 professional certificates in science, engineering, management, EU law, and EU languages. He remain until now a lecturer for this Training Centre, being implied in e-Learning courses, too Also, he was head of University Research Department (2004-2008) and Executive Director of the Research Centre "Modeling and simulation processes and systems" (2008-2012), being manager of two project in field of Green and Hydrogen Energy, and team member in other four projects in the same field. Dr. Bizon is editor of six books in field of Green Energy: Advances in Energy Research: Energy and Power Engineering Advances in Energy Research: Distributed Generation systems integrating Renewable Energy Resources, Optimized Systems for Green Power Conversion, Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Compatibility: Theory and Practice, Modeling of Inverter Systems supplied by Fuel Cells, Power Converters for Energy Generation Systems, published by Nova Science Publishers, Inc., USA (2), MatrixROM Publishing house, Bucharest, Romania (2), and University of Pitesti Publishing house (2). He was authored or co-authored of several papers (over to 100) in journals (ISI web of knowledge or data base indexed) or international conferences proceedings.

Research Interest

Dr. Nicu Bizon’s research interests include the broad area of nonlinear systems, on both dynamics and control applied in the Green Energy field.


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