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Pamela C Hull

Pamela C Hull, PhD
Division of Epidemiology
Vanderbilt University, USA

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Dr. Hull is a medical sociologist with expertise in the development and testing of behavioral interventions to promote cancer prevention behaviors. Her graduate training included both qualitative and quantitative research methods, which she applies in her research. She has 7 years of experience as an investigator conducting community-based participatory research, including designing and testing behavioral interventions using observational and randomized controlled study designs. These studies have focused on cervical cancer prevention through the HPV vaccine and Pap screening, prostate cancer screening and informed decision-making, breast cancer screening, and childhood obesity prevention, including use of social marketing approaches. She has frequently used qualitative data collection (e.g., focus groups, individual interviews) and qualitative data analysis in the phases of formative research to develop or adapt interventions for specific target populations. She has also developed, implemented and analyzed surveys to assess behavioral determinants of screening behaviors.

Research Interest

Pamela C Hull's research interests include behavioral intervention research, HPV vaccine use, obesity prevention, community-based participatory research, disparities


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