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Punit Prakash

Punit Prakash, PhD
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kansas State University, USA

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Dr. Punit Prakash is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kansas State University, USA. Dr. Punit Prakash did Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering in 2008 from University of Wisconsin‐Madison. Dr. Punit Prakash has published many articles and has been working on various projects. Dr. Prakash’s educational interests includes: Model‐based design of novel systems, devices, and treatment delivery strategies for precise image‐guided thermal therapy of biomedical targets with electromagnetic and acoustic energy; Mathematical modeling and experimental validation of biological responses to thermal interventions.

Research Interest

Dr. Punit Prakash’s areas of research are engineering design and evaluation of novel devices and image-guided therapy with applications to veterinary health/human health.


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