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Rafael Reyna

Rafael Reyna, PhD
Departamento de Conservación de la Biodiversidad
El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, Mexico

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Dr. Rafael Reyna has 18 years of experience in the wildlife field. His first six years of professional career were spent in a zoological park in Michoacan, Mexico (Parque Zoologico Benito Juarez) where he worked in several field like the primates area and did behavioral enrichment activities for several species. He conducted some behavioral studies with great apes (bonobo, chimpanzee, and orangutan) while there. In 1997, Dr. Reyna has started his career in the wild, working as research assistant for the academic institution of ECOSUR in southern Mexico where he was involved in an ecological study of brocket deer, two very shy species of tropical deer in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve of southern Mexico. Later he joined another project that involved capture and following of ocellated turkey and endangered turkey of Yucatan Peninsula. While being in the forest of Yucatan Peninsula, especially in the spectacular Calakmul Biosphere Reserve he defined his career as wildlife ecologist with focus on endangered tropical species. With that on mind, he went to the University of Florida to pursue my master and doctoral degree at the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in Gainesville, Florida. He focused the topic of both degrees on the ecology and conservation of ungulates of Calakmul, especially the endangered white-lipped peccary of whom he conducted the first wild study in Mexico that involved radiotracking of several groups. After finishing his PhD, Dr. Reyna has worked for one year and half in the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Latin-American and Caribbean Program and is still associated with them through research projects in Mexico. In 2009, he moved to Montreal, Canada to start a three year postdoctoral stay with Dr. Colin Chapman who he has known and work with him while in Florida for 5 years now. His current study is about movement patterns in four species of primates, two in Uganda and two in Mexico. He hopes to continue doing research about animal movement, and social-ecology aspects of endangered tropical species with the goal of provide interesting and useful information for their conservation. Currently Dr. Reyna is the President of the group of experts in white-lipped peccaries in Mexico, formed in December 2012. He is the participant as IUCN Magazine Associate editor. He is the active member of IUCN specialist in wild pigs, peccaries and hippos. Since 2004, he has participated as a referee of indexed publications for more than 30 articles submitted to over 10 ISI journals including Nature and Conservation Biology among others. He is presently the Graduate Coordinator of the graduate unit ECOSUR Campeche.

Research Interest

Dr. Rafael Reyna's research interests include:

  • Endangered tropical species
  • Biosphere Reserve of Calakmul
  • Ecology and conservation of ungulates of Calakmul
  • Behavioral studies


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