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Rasool Jalili

Rasool Jalili, PhD
Department of Computer Engineering
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran

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Rasool Jalili graduated from Imam-Khomeini High-School (named 25 Shahrivar, before the revolution) in Eghlid. In the universities annual entrance exam in 1978, he was admitted to Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,where he received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 1985. Later on, in 1986,Rasool Jalili was admitted to Sharif University of Technology, Department of Computer Engineering, as a graduate student for the M.Sc. degree.He is now the Editor-In-Chief of ISeCure, The ISC International Journal of Information Security. Your contribution to this highly prestigious journal dedicated to all aspects of Information Security is welcome.In October 2010, Rasool Jalili was assigned as the dean of Scientific and International Cooperation in Sharif University of Technology. Rasool Jalili responsibility was to promote scientific and international cooperation with the other research/educational institutes around the world.

Research Interest

Rasool Jalili research interests are in Computer Dependability & Security,Access Control, Distributed Systems, Database Systems.


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