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Richard van Zyl-Smit

Richard van Zyl-Smit, PhD
Department of Medicine
University of Cape Town, South Africa

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Dr Richard van Zyl-Smit is the Head of the Lung Clinical Research Unit (LCRU) at the University of Cape Town Lung Institute. Dr Richard is head of the smoking cessation services at the E16 Respiratory Clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital as well the head of the adolescent respiratory services. Dr Richard qualified as a pulmonologist, in 2007 and completed his PhD investigating the effects of tobacco smoke on human pulmonary immune responses to mycobacterial infection in 2011. After a post-doc placement in New York at the end of 2011, he returned to UCT to take up a position at the Lung Institute. Dr Richard has published in the field of TB diagnostics, specifically interferon gamma release assays and mycobacterial load determination.

Research Interest

Dr Richard van Zyl-Smit’s current research interests include leading the Lung Clinical Research Unit COPD and Asthma study activities, the interactions of tobacco smoke on immunity, tuberculosis and the development of COPD.


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