Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment ISSN: 2324-8947

Shahrzad Bazargan Hejazi

Shahrzad Bazargan Hejazi PhD
Department of Psychiatry and Pediatrics
Charles Drew University, USA.

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Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi, PhD. She is a Professor of Medical Sociology in the Department of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) in Los Angeles, California with a joint appointment as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA. As a Medical sociologist and health services researcher she has been the lead investigator and co-investigator in several projects related to the social aspects of disease and illness; youth empowerment health advocacy projects; family and community violence prevention programs for teens and adolescents; and health services utilization improvement for Head Start families, and underserved minorities, particularly those affected by depression, injury, violence, and alcohol problems.


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