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Sungwon Kim

Sungwon Kim, PhD
Department of Railroad and Civil Engineering
Dongyang University, Republic of Korea

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Dr. Sungwon Kim is currently an Associate Professor, Department of Railroad and Civil Engineering at Dongyang University, Yeongju, Republic of Korea. He has his under graduate and graduate studies (Water Resources Engineering) in Yeungnam University. He earned his PhD in 1998 on Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from Yeungnam University. His research and teaching interests maily concerns with Hydraulics, Hydraulics Laboratory, Applied Hydraulics, Ocean Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Basic Hydrology, River Engineering, Watershed Hydrology, Probability and Statistics, Water Resources Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, Nature and Environment, Water Environment, Water Quality Engineering, Open Channel Hydraulics. He is also a Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Texas A & M University, USA. He has been the potential reviewer for over 15 international Journals including International Journal of Climatology, Water Resources Management, Journal of Irrigation and Drainage (ASCE).

Research Interest

Dr.. Sungwon Kim’s research interests are:



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