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Therese M Grant

Therese M Grant, Ph.D.
University of Washington

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Dr. Grant is concerned primarily with prenatal alcohol exposure and prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. To that end, she developed the Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) intervention, an intensive case management and home visitation model working throughout Washington State since 1991 with high-risk mothers who abuse alcohol and drugs during pregnancy. She has used the PCAP model as a platform from which to examine research questions on perinatal substance abuse, the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs, fetal alcohol syndrome, and the challenges of community intervention and prevention with high-risk mothers and their children.

Grant and colleagues have screened over 12,000 postpartum women for alcohol use during pregnancy and examined 15-year pregnancy alcohol use trends. She studies quality of life and psychosocial profiles among young women with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and has developed and tested a screening instrument to identify individuals with cognitive impairments and learning disabilities due to prenatal alcohol exposure. More recently, she is providing trauma-informed intervention for pregnant and parenting women and their children and evaluating effects on maternal trauma symptoms, quality of the mother/child relationship, child behavior and self-regulation, and family stability. She has examined the role of self-silencing cognitive schemas in depression among PCAP participants. Grant also is involved in training Native American health care providers on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and intervention/prevention measures.

Research Interest

Grant's research focuses on the teratogenic effects of prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol, exposure measurement, fetal alcohol syndrome, and development of prevention and intervention strategies with high-risk populations


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