Journal of Food and Nutritional Disorders ISSN: 2324-9323

Vosper Helen

Vosper Helen,
School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences,
The Robert Gordon University, UK

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Vosper Helen is affiliated in School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, The Robert Gordon University. Vosper is an active researcher and an established member of the Institute for Health and Wellbeing Research. Her research skills include working with cell cultures, molecular biology, Western blotting and immunohisto/cytochemistry and has access specialised research facilities including real-time PCR. She is an active member of both the assessment board and the course design team for the PgCert/PgDip/MA Higher Education Learning and Teaching programme run by the University. Vosper is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an organisation that works with UK universities in developing and disseminating evidence-informed practice.

Research Interest

Vosper Helen research interests include pharmaceutical chemistry, Life sciences.


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