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Wayne M Koch

Wayne M Koch, MD
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Johns Hopkins University, USA

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Dr. Wayne Koch is a leader in head and neck oncologic surgery. He is director of the Division of Head and Neck Surgery at Johns Hopkins, and has served as President of the American Head and Neck Society, the national organization of head and neck cancer surgeons in the USA, in 2009. Among Dr. Kochs landmark publications are studies demonstrating how key molecular events such as p53 mutation and HPV contribute to the development of head and neck cancer. Dr. Wayne Kochs research interests lies in use of genetic chnages as markers for early detection, prognostic factors to select treatment, targets for therapy; Human Papilliomavirus (HPV) as casual factor of head and neck cancer; Genetic changes associated with head and neck cancer.

Research Interest

Head and Neck Cancers, Head and Neck Surgery, Head and Neck Tumors, Laryngeal Cancer, Oral Cancers, Oral Pathology, Oral Surgery, Otolaryngology, Paranasal Sinus Tumors, Pharynx Cancer, Salivary Gland Tumors, Schwannomas of the Head and Neck, Skull Base Tumors, Sleep Disorders, Thyroid Tumors, Zenker's diverticulum.


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